Downloaded fund Holdings from Fidelity continue to show fund which was replaced last November

November 2, 2018 was not a good day for Fidelity to send data to Quicken: They evidently replaced fund FSTVX with fund FSKAX, but did not correctly record the cost basis for the new fund, nor did they remove the prior fund from the downloaded 'Holdings' list within the account. Furthermore, the cost basis for most of the other funds in the account are not even close to accurate. However, THE MONTHLY STATEMENTS FOR THIS ACCOUNT ARE ACCURATE IN EVERY RESPECT! Here's the question: For this one account, is there a way in Quicken that I can, for the 12/31/18 data date, (1) change from 'automatic' to 'manual' download, (2) delete fund FSTVX from this account only, (3) add fund FSKAX to this account with correct data as of 12/31/18, (4) correct the 'cost basis' for all funds in that account as of 12/31/18, and (5) then change the 'Preferences' back to 'automatic downloads'. and finally (6) expect that the corrected data would be carried forward with the same fund adjustments that have occurred in each month since then to the present date?
I need to do the same thing with a small cash account that should be merged with the cash fund SPAXX within that IRA account.
Failing that, is there a Fidelity phone number for a techie ombudsman that could resend the download-able data for a fund that would overwrite the corrupted data for that account from 12/31/18 through 6/30/19?

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