Quicken keeps booting me out!

Marty 28312
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I use Quicken for Windows 2019 v20.15. It is on a Win[d]ows 10 based computer. Two issues concern me. 1. If I click My Acccount under help, Quicken shuts down and an er[r]or message appears (I send the [r]eport as requested). 2. Some one on the Community suggested I sign out and sign in as a new user....If I do that, a white screen covers Quicken...If i attempt to start Quicken, the white screen is over my Quicken screen.
I have been assigned case numbers: 2664391 and 2662698.

I know am forced to also run Quicken on a laptop in case my desktop crashes again. I worry that my Quicken will fail and be unresponsive...I have spent the better part of two days with Tech Support.

All these issues began when I moved from V 18.16 to 20.15.

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