Payee error adding new transaction (Quicken Mobile 5.15.0 (38.14435.4012) (edited)

Claude Blouin
Claude Blouin Member ✭✭✭
In the previous version, when adding a trasaction in Mobile Quicken, surrounding payees use to appear and could be selected. Clicking on one transferred the name in the payee portion of the new transaction. It was fast and very useful. This does not work anymore in version 5.15.0 : The names of the surrounding payees still appear, but clicking on one does not transfer it in the payes portion of the new transaction. Not a very big problem, but this feature was useful and I wonder why it disappeared in 5.15.0.......
I use an iPhone XS MAX and an iPad Pro on iOS 12.4

Using Quicken Classic Deluxe Canada Subscription Release R54.17 on Win 11

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  • Jim Russell
    Jim Russell Member ✭✭
    I like the recent addition of the payee function, where Yelp is used to identify nearby merchants as possible Payees. However, it has stopped working and, more seriously, sometimes interferes with the standard "Search Payee" function. It worked beautifully for a few days and then this problem arose.
  • UKR
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    In March there were some discussions about Yelp and Q Mobile, e.g.,
    Maybe this helps answer your question ...
    more discussions can be found by searching the Community homepage for keyword "Yelp"

  • Jim Russell
    Jim Russell Member ✭✭
    I have Version 5.15.0 -- more recent the the March update. As mentioned in my first note, The Yelp function worked great initially (a few days ago), but has since stopped working.
  • jdcq
    jdcq Member ✭✭
    I'm also encountering issues, possibly related. Quicken Mobile 5.15.0.

    When entering transactions, nearby merchants are available, but clicking on one of the options results in no action. In addition, the availability of the proper merchant prevents manually entering the payee name.

    Network access appears to be available (since nearby merchants are available). Manually entering a payee name works if it does not match any of the nearby merchants.

    I only noticed this issue recently (within the past week).
  • Paul Proefrock
    Paul Proefrock Member ✭✭✭
    Curious if Quicken is actually working with this app or is it being done by part time associate/contractors. Issues with the Payee have been long reported but no resolutions seem to be forthcoming.

    Like above, the local merchant list (although limited to mainly food establishements) worked for a while and now it has ceased altogether.

    Come on Quicken, at least acknowledge the issue and say you're working on it. Right now, it seems we're talking/reporting to the Wind
  • Quicken Sarah
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    Hello Everyone,

    Hello @Claude Blouin

    Thank you for taking the time to report this issue to the Community, although I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience experienced.

    I also am unable to select a Yelp suggested Payee when adding/editing a transaction in the Mobile App, in both the iOS and Android versions.

    I have reported this issue to the Development team for further research and investigation.  Once a solution has been found, it will be sent out as part of a future release.

    In the meantime, I recommend manually entering the Payee name.  I hope this information is helpful and please let us know if there are further questions/concerns.

    Thank you,



    Thank you for taking the time to report this issue to the Community. Please see the above response and let us know if there are further questions/concerns.

    Thank you,

  • Mobile app no longer allows me to select "Near by" Payees.
    I can only select existing payees. This worked until last update.
  • Hwndude
    Hwndude Member ✭✭✭
    So, I've run into a huge problem with Quicken Mobile on iOS and I can't believe that I'm the first to report it. The problem can be re-created by first visiting an establishment whose name appears in Quicken Mobile under the section "Near by - powered by Yelp". After clicking on the name of the establishment that appears when it's nearby, 1) Quicken fails to populate the "payee" field (like it use to do) with the establishment name, and 2) You are forever unable to use that name, verbatim, when creating a new payee. Somehow, Quicken Mobile thinks it has already created that payee. Does this happen to anyone else? What happens when you click on the name of an establishment that shows up when you're in the same geo-location?
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