Anyway to download just stock name, # of shares, and market value, without placeholders

I would like to use quicken to track my brokerage accounts. I was hoping I could get it to simply download the stock name, # of shares, and current market value. I get inundated with placeholders. I have no idea what the placeholder wants me to do. The values of my accounts are NEVER anywhere near their actual value. Is there anyway to do what I am trying to do. If I have to keep rectifying all the placeholders than I might as well download to Excel. That shows me what I want.


  • Jim_Harman
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    The placeholders are supposed to force your share balances to match what was downloaded. If you just accept them and then look at your holdings, do the share quantities match your statements and the financial institution a website?

    Ate the share prices also correct? 

    Is the cash balance if any also correct?

    If you just live with the placeholders, quicken will not be able to track your investment performance or your capital gains and losses, but at least the holdings and account balances should be correct.
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