how to utilize a loan in Quicken once account is added

I've used Quicken for many years but now I'm doing something I've never tried entering before - having a little trouble figuring out how to execute it.

So I just obtained a loan for $10K. I've gone into Quicken and setup a new loan. All the terms are entered and it shows up properly -- principal, interest, payment schedule, etc. But what I've done is added $10K of debt into Quicken without entering the corresponding $10K of cash -- for instance, I have three credit cards configured in Quicken with about $8K worth of debt on them and the remaining $2K of cash will be deposited into my checking account. How do I go about entering these cash deposits so that reports will work correctly? I see that the $10K loan appeared with the category "Adjustment". Do I simply enter a $2K "Adjustment" line item into my checking account for that cash, and corresponding amounts into my credit card accounts as well?

FYI - using Quicken for Mac and I have all my accounts setup manually (none of them are connected to online access). I prefer to do all my record keeping by hand.

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    Thanks! Exactly what I wanted.
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