How to stop the Account Bar from showing the amounts of removed accounts.

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I have Quicken Deluxe (2016, I think).

 For years, I have tracked investment accounts, but I have recently stopped doing that on Quicken and am only now using bank accounts for bill paying.

 I cannot seem to arrange the accounts side-bar to stop it from showing the last total updated amounts of the investment accounts. I have tried the options in "Tools-Manage Hidden Accounts," as well as "Tools-Account List."

 The investment accounts I do not want to display are not shown in the Accounts List, and they are not shown individually in the accounts side bar. However, the side bar keeps showing a total amount for these accounts, under either "Separate Accounts," "More Accounts," or "Other Accounts."
 I am trying to get the side bar to show only the banking accounts I am currently using.

 Thank you.

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    Thank you--that is what I had concluded, but it helps to have it confirmed by someone who knows more about it than I.
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