Net Worth Graph and Sidebar values do not match.

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Using Quicken for Mac 2019, when I look at my Net Worth Over Time report, the current value listed on the graph and in the monthly tabulation below the graph do not match the Net Worth value listed at the bottom of the sidebar.  I'd think they should be exactly the same, but, in my instance, they are off by $100k.


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    One thing to look for is accounts you have marked to be hidden which do not have zero dollar balances. I just found this in my own data. When I drilled down and looked at Cash, for instance, the balance in my sidebar was $100 more than on the Net Worth report. When I clicked the triangle on the report to show individual accounts, it showed me a $-100 balance on a long-closed money market account. I need to go back to the Quicken 2007 file I imported from to see if this is error on my part, or a transaction that got messed up/lost along the way. But the point is that Quicken is correct, because the Net Worth report was using the value of an account I have hidden from the left sidebar. Solution: either unhide the account, so it shows in the left sidebar or in Hide & Show Accounts, mark the account to be hidden in reports as well as lists.

    So I'm just guessing that if you either unhide all your accounts, or you make any accounts hidden from lists also hidden from reports, you'll get the Net Worth numbers to match.

    If not, dig down to the account level on the left sidebar and the report to see where there are discrepancies, and report back on what you find.

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    I have a similar issue with the net worth report and the list of current account values. All accounts are included in both and there are a few pennies difference on a couple of accounts between the list and the report and a single Fidelity account is greater in the net worth graph than the actual account by 91,099.99. There are no future values for any of the equities in the account. There shouldn’t be pennies difference between the current account value and the report since the math should be the same for both and that large an error on a single account is obviously a problem. There are coding / logic problem in how Quicken does it’s computations.
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    Maybe you have a security price or transaction dated  in the future? Check the price history.

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