Finding and Editing Scheduled Transactions

I'm new to Quicken 19 for Mac. Would someone please give me some general guidance on working with scheduled transactions. In prior versions of Quicken there was an easy means of finding this list. Now - the advice I find when Googling the question is to go to Quicken Home and then the "Scheduled Bills and Deposits Tab". I can't find this tab.

Also, is there a general users doc for Quicken 19 I could download?

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  • John_in_NC
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    Across the top, you will see a section "Bills and Income". Then click on the "Projected Balances" button, and this will take you to a list showing the next instance of all scheduled transactions across all accounts.

    You can enter/work with scheduled transactions in any individual register as well, but if you want a single list, follow the instructions above.

    The Help files has greatly improved over the years. That should be a good starting point in answering questions. Or, you can ask here as well.
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