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In April I changed from Quicken 2016 for Windows to Quicken 2019 for mac and I would like to regroup the accounts by frequency of use, how do I do this. Tried clicking and dragging but reverts back to where it was. Don't want to recategorize account just put them in a different order.

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  • rainbows
    rainbows Member ✭✭
    thank you! I thought I could drag them because I could do this in the 2016 Windows version. Appreciate the response.
  • jacobs
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    @rainbows You might be interested to see the comment from the Quicken Mac developers on an older Idea thread seeking to allow sorting accounts in the sidebar.

    Most Idea requests on this site show "No Staus" in the blue box. A few say "Not Planned," a few say "Under Consideration," and a very lucky few say "Planned". This is a very rare one which also has an explanation indicating the direction the developers are moving in: "We are currently investigating account list customization options, however, these options may be more like enabling custom groupings rather than an alphabetical ‘sort’." So hopefuly what you asked for is close to what they say they're working on. Unfortunately, we have no idea whether implementation is comong next month or next year -- but at least something is planned.
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