How to add Fidelity Investments in Mac version

I saw this question & tried the suggested fix. I'm trying to add accounts for Fidelity, but it isn't working. I chose Fidelity Investments Mac, put in my web credentials (which the poster on another thread said worked for them), but it isn't working.

I have Fidelity through my work & set it up with Fidelity NetBenefits, which works fine.

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  • beth1708
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    Thank you very much. I went back to look at what I had done & realized that the creds were actually wrong. When I put in the right ones, it works. You have saved the day. :-) .

  • RickO
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    I agree with @NotACPA . My accounts are working fine on Fidelity Investments Mac, Direct Connect with the web credentials. If you have a spouse/partner, make sure you're using the right ones too.

    Are you getting an error message when setting up Fidelity Investments Mac? When you say "it isn't working", exactly what happens?
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