How to lock the first column when printing multiple pages

My report contains several months, so the first printed page includes the Categories and Jan to March, and the rest of the months appear on the following pages.

Is there a way to have the Categories column appear on each page before the other months? In Excel, one can lock Col A to print on each page. Is there a Quicken equivalent?


  • q_lurker
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    My "Spending by Category" report does that naturally.  What report, what Quicken version.  More detail needed.  
  • Graebeard
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    Quicken Deluxe (latest version) and the Current Budget Report

    I setup Date Range as Custom for Mar - Aug, with Monthly intervals
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    I'm using Q 2019 R 20.15 and my Current Budget Report repeats the category column on each page. Page setup is 8.5*11 Landscape.

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  • Graebeard
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    OK, did the updates and validation. No problems or errors.

    If I run the report with All Dates, the Category column shows up on each page. However, try Quarter To Date or the Custom Date, and the Category list appears only on page 1. Interestingly, the Year to Date works fine. I guess I'll just have to use that version.

    Thanks folks
  • Jim_Harman
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    Does it depend on how many columns are displayed?
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  • Graebeard
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    I don't think so. It seems that reports with a fixed number of columns will show the categories, but whoever setup the formatting didn't consider the Custom report.
    It's also unfortunate that we can't resize the column widths.

    Ahhh... life is full of challenges ........
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