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I actually have a few problems with Fidelity and Quicken. But this one was my mistake. A while back Fidelity changed the version of Contrafund in my 401K from "K" to "Pool". Quicken helpfully asked if I wanted to treat all "pool" as "K", and I said "yes". I probably shouldn't have. Now I'm trying to clean up what I did and get all my accounts to display properly in Quicken. How do I go about undoing what I did so that new entries are "Pool"? Fido did the exchange about 10 months ago, "selling" all shares of FCNKX and "buying" Contrafund Pool (for which I still can't seem to find a symbol). The longer I wait the more entries I will have to correct once I undo that association. I've noticed that different versions of Contrafund have different NAV, and the # of shares after the exchange was different.

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    You could revert to a backup of your data taken before the problem began, and restart from there.
    That "Pool" thing is one strange animal. I don't think it has a symbol. Something I learned:
    The Fidelity® Contrafund® Commingled Pool is a collective investment trust maintained under the Fidelity Group Trust for Employee Benefit Plans ... this investment available only to eligible retirement plans and is not offered to the general public. ... This investment option is not a mutual fund.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I will give that a try and see what happens. Because it's a 401K Fidelity exports a strange Quicken format. Quicken won't allow it to import if it's a 401K. So I have to rely on Quicken doing it through online services, which doesn't always work. Cross my fingers here.
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    OK, I did as you suggested. It downloaded some data from last year (not this year), and the contrafund items are all labeled "unidentified security", and then in the comment area is says "contribution fid contrafund k". I don't want to accept those (though the values are correct...this was from before the exchange last fall, and I already have those entries).
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    Well, it seems content now. I appreciate the suggestion. After exiting the software and coming back later it apparently decided it knows what the "unidentified security" is, or at least it's not labeling it that way now.
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