Menards Card will not connect - I think the link is incorrect.

I have read the discussions and cannot find a solution to get my Menard's Card to connect. I think that the link Quicken has is incorrect. Shouldn't it be instead of

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    Is that the credit card your asking about?
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    That's the information I have in my list of supported banks.
    If that has changed and the card is now supported by Capital One, have you tried using one of the "Capital One Card ..." selections when adding your account in Quicken? You should have received emails from either or both Menards and Capital One telling you what to do.

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    It is supported by Capital One but you can not access the account by going to Capital One. The link is

    I tried again and it still won’t work. [removed - off topic]
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    Hello @Charlene Luke Rushton

    I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing issues activating the Menards Credit Card for downloads in Quicken and appreciate your taking the time to report this issue to the Community.

    I took the liberty of reviewing our internal information for the Menards Credit Card and attempted to add an account using fake login credentials to my personal data file to test the internal URL that Quicken is connecting to when attempting to add or update accounts.

    As seen in the highlighted areas of the above screenshot, Quicken does appear to be connecting to the correct URL of "".

    May I ask, are you receiving a error message or code when attempting to activate this credit card account?

    If so, what is that error code or message?

    Thank you,

  • when I log on to the Menards website it uses email address. When logging into the credit card portion you have to create a username - it will not let you use an email. It keeps telling me I have the wrong login - CC-503 error. I keep trying both my username and my email as they both have the same password but it still will not connect.
  • I have also reset my password and it still will not connect.
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    I am also having this problem on Quicken for Mac 2019
    Specifically, I go to the register for the Menards account I have set up. Click the "gear" settings icon at the bottom right corner of the window. I then click the "Set up transactions download" button. Then search for "Menards" in the search field. I then choose "Menards Credit Card" from the results. I select that and click continue. I then enter my User ID and password. It returns with an error "Did you mistype your sign-in info? Please retype your sign-in info for Menards Credit Card."
  • Same exact problem here!
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