Transfers to an asset (i.e., increases to cost basis for my house) show up as zero in reports

On my monthly budget report, I include a line item for transactions where I categorized the expense as an addition to the cost basis in my home (i.e., a major plumbing repair is categorized as a transfer to the Home asset and shown as an increase in cost basis). Since the last software update, any report I run shows this amount as zero, but when I click on the zero in the report, it brings up all of the actual transactions that have been categorized this way. There seems to be an error in the latest update that is causing the report to show this as zero even though there are multiple transactions in the category.

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  • jr7107
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    Did you include "Transfers" in the report from the Advanced Tab?
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  • mjregan29
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    Thanks, Jim. That solved the problem.
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