Modify transaction password /entry lock misbehavior

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Upon downloading a regular monthly transaction I went to accept it into my register. Window pops up requesting transaction password. My transaction password is set to lock prior year transactions. This is a current transaction- so I should not be asked for the password in the first place. Then it would not accept my password. It also totally locked up Quicken and my computer because I could not cancel it, close the window or even shut down my computer. Then I tried reset password to be told it was texting me a code (IT doesn't have my ph. #) then I did reset using email. What it did was clear/erase my transaction password altogether (it did not prompt me to enter a new password). Fior fun I did go in under file menu and discovered that one can actually get away with using the same password used previously.

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  • Sherlock
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    I suspect your system has been infected with malware attempting to phish access to your accounts.  
  • Simple
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    Since I don't use email on the same computer that runs Quicken and really don't use that computer for much of anything besides Quicken, I'm not sure malware is the answer.I'm running a full system scan but honestly think the problem is with Quicken itself. How secure is Quicken if I'm getting Phishing message from inside the program.

    Another hunch might be that there was a memorized transaction from a prior year that auto filled and perhaps that set the transaction password issue but the result should still have been to accept the password or actually do reset.
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