Current Balance does not match register balance

The bottom right online balance is correct. current Balance is over $500 off from the balance shown in the register for this current day. In the register my current balance is $409.56 on the bottom right my current balance is -294.05

I can make deposits and add expenses and my current balance does not change on the bottom right. I have closed and re opened and it stays. I have opened a back up and as soon as I add 1 scheduled transaction my bottom right current balance goes negative.

any ideas?

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  • AbnormalSpring
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    I have attached a screen shot of said issue
  • NotACPA
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    Have you tried validating your Q data file?  FILE, File Operations, Validate and Repair.  Be SURE to check both "Validate File" and "Rebuild Investment lots" (if present) before you click OK

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