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All my mutual funds are showing higher market values then it's worth in any of the investment reports. They are showing correct market values within the investment tab. The reports are even showing one fund worth hundreds that was closed in 2013. All the stocks are showing correct market values. How do I correct this or a software update required?

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  • volvogirl
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    If the number of shares is right you might have a price dated in the future or a wrong price listed for the current date. Edit the price history to check. Or even a transaction dated in the future.

  • dbrown300
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    Thanks for the reply. Price history looks right. Seems one of the errors occurred back in 2013 when I did a share remove then a share add instead of mutual fund conversion. Shares were moved from B to A fund.
  • dbrown300
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    Still showing that it's worth money in the reports but no shares owned since 2013. MHOAX and MHOBX. Online balances and Quicken is the same. Only the reports are showing incorrect values for both.
  • q_lurker
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    A MF Conversion uses Shares Removed and Shares Added to create the conversion.  That in itself is not likely the problem.  But the devil is in the details.

    I would be reviewing the historical presentations.  Were the data (reports) correct immediately before that conversion and messed up immediately (next day) afterwards?

    What types of accounts are involved?  Single Mutual Fund accounts?  Accounts that can hold cash?  How is the value being reported if the account shows 0 shares held?

    A file validation may be in order with the choice being made to rebuild investment lots.  

    As always, whenever trying to make deep corrections, have a current backup of the file available to allow you to restore to a known point 

  • dbrown300
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    Thanks all.. the problem may have originated that it was transferred to TDA many years ago and it was using an "avg" cost to determine gains or loss. These were in my Roth account so I'm not too worried since I don't have to worry about taxes when I sell the other one.
  • dbrown300
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    Changed the Shares added and removed to bought and sold. Everything is now correct in the reports. Again thanks all.
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