Update Program For Backup When File Size Is Large!!!!

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Recently called about a file becoming corrupted on the computer. The service representative stated that the file could not be retrieved. It was prudent of me to make three (3) backups and I was able to restore from one of the backups.

I use Quicken Deluxe for business expenses, investments and personal transactions. We did a "share" so that the representative could see and the representative stated that my backup file was too big. They further stated that I am not the first person to have this issue as other Quicken users with large files experienced the same problem.

The solution proposed was that I needed to start another file. Great, that means I loose all the information to reconcile bank accounts, credit card statements, investments, etc. The question I have is - why does Quicken offer to scan documents to attach to the transaction knowing that when the files become too large they can can become corrupted and can not be restored?
Under the conditions described above, the program is useless to users as it has some serious limitations.

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    More information would be helpful:

    -- How large is your data file?

    -- Is your data file stored on a local hard drive or somewhere else: network drive, Dropbox, Google drive, OneDrive, etc? The only reliable place to store your working file is your local hard drive. You can store backups anywhere.

    -- If you click on Help then Ctrl-About Quicken, what is in the File Information box?

    You might try File > File Operations > Copy and making a copy without the attachments to see how much smaller the file gets with all your data but no attachments.
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    File size is 884 MB.

    It is stored on my hard drive and backed up in the cloud.

    Need the attachments from time to time to prove payment and/or review information related to purchase.
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