Old sign-in page is live but returns an error

The old sign-in page at (I can't post links, so I'm using spaces)
signin quicken com/signin
still returns a page that looks exactly like the currently live sign-in page, but if you try to login, it gives an error message:
Oops! Something went wrong.
Please try again, and if it still
doesn't work, let us know. ["let us know" is a link to the support page]
(there are also links for forgetting your usercode or password)

I use a password manager, and the URL has been stored there for some number of years. Fortunately, I was absolutely certain that I was using the correct user and password (the joys of a password manager), so I didn't start trying to change my password. That link has worked until sometime between the last time I logged in and today (I'd guess that hasn't been more than a few months). Other uses who have old bookmarks to the sign-in are very likely to face this issue.

If you want to disable an old sign-in page, then it should either return a 404, or, preferably, a message that it is no longer in service and give a link to the new page.


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