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When are the reports available on the Windows version going to be available for Mac? Investment Performance and Capital Gains reports are key. I'd love to find out they already exist, but without them, I can't make the switch from Windows to Mac (which I REALLY) want to do.

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  • martianewell
    martianewell Member ✭✭
    Now I'm looking for more in the investment area:
    1)Is there such a thing in Mac as a linked brokerage settlement account? I can see how to reinvest dividends. If I receive dividends in a brokerage account that are not reinvested, it seems the cash just sits in the brokerage account.
    2)is there a way to designate an account as a "single mutual fund account"?
    3)Can I designate an account as investment vs retirement? On conversion my IRA brokerage account shows up under brokerage, not retirement, even though it was correct on the Windows side.

  • martianewell
    martianewell Member ✭✭
    You are great! Your answers are right on. In all cases I can move ahead with existing functionality.

    I couldn’t find an asset allocation report or graph. Also, it appears that you can only designate the asset class as one thing or as mixed multiple. I seem to think in Windows the percentage allocations are part of the security price download. I can live without this, but it was handy to see it in Quicken.
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