Q for Mac 2019 - Downloaded transactions mess - Blocked from reconciling, transactions changed, etc

I am having huge problems with downloaded transactions in Quicken 2019 for Mac. I think it was the recent upgrade but when I tried to rollback from the upgrade, the issues persisted which I don't understand.
All of my downloaded accounts are screwed up ESPECIALLY my mortgages. Quicken went back and changed amounts on tons of RECONCILED TRANSACTIONS. Also for mortgages, the principal vs interest payments seem to be REVERSED, so Quicken is deducting the interest amt from the principal account- which is huge bug, but then to compensate, Quicken is creating "adjustments" to reconcile against the bank amount. WOW!
I could see this if it was just the new transactions but Quicken went back and updated past, reconciled transactions.
Quicken must know what's going on because when you try to reconcile ANYTHING, all the transactions are grayed out, so it doesn't really reconcile. They are covering this up.
I'm going to have to reconstruct a dozen accounts.

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    Hello mharris1,

    Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the Community, although I apologize for any frustration these issues are causing.

    What version of Quicken are you using? You can find that by going to Quicken>About Quicken. 

    First, I recommend restoring a backup file that was created before the problem began to occur. Here are the steps to restore a backup:
    1. In Quicken, select File > Restore from Backup...
    2. Select the Automatic Backups folder (Quicken > Backups > Automatic Backups).
    3. Select the file to restore.
    4. Click Choose.
    If the issue persists or re-occurs on the restored file, I would suggest contacting Support. They have the tools and resources available to better troubleshoot the issue with you and work to identify a solution. Contact info for support can be found here

    Hope this helps!

    -Quicken Natalie 

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