Asset allocation chart?

QM 2007 can produce a nice asset allocation pie chart. I can't find anything like it in "new" Quicken (5.12.2). Yes, I know I could make an asset allocation report, export it to csv, import it into LibreOffice (my current favorite office suite), and generate a pie chart, but that's a lot of work! Is it in "new" Quicken somewhere that I haven't found? (In fact, it looks like "new" Quicken doesn't have most of the charts/graphs that are in QM 2007.)

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  • martianewell
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    Hopefully this is getting addressed in the reporting engine for Mac?????
  • jacobs
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    So far, there are no reports for printing that include charting options. The product manager has hinted that they will be working on so-far non-existent investment reports, but whether those will include any charts/graphs is yet to be seen.
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  • luyendyk
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    I also would like to see a report with a pie chart or even % of holdings in the portfolio window. Seems basic and surprised this is missing in QM 2109
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