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I have approx 30 scheduled transactions. The last update to ver 5.12.2 (Build 512.29221.100) messed up several of them. Skipped a few on their next occurrence, duplicated some and changed the date on others. My Mac OS is 10.14.6. Why can't a revision be tested before being released?


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    @steve45 Of course, it was tested, and pretty extensively, before it was released. But that doesn't mean the developers or the testers exactly simulated every user's set of conditions. I'm not excusing the presence of bugs; I'm just saying it was tested and based on the accounts on this forum, it did apparently work fine for most users.

    I believe they have identified a bug with scheduled transactions wrapping from one year into the next, so I'd expect that to be fixed in the next update. If you are able to recall the details of any other transactions you had problems with, it's worth reporting them so they can attempt to track down and fix whatever went wrong.
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