Why doesn't the latest version memorize payees with their categories? (Q Mac)

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The next to last update that I downloaded doesn't memorize any of the categories for my payees anymore! I have tried manually entering them, but the next time I download a transaction for the same payee, it just doesn't seem to recognize it, so I have to manually enter them all again! What happened? I just downloaded the new version hoping that it would be fixed but nope, still not getting any memorized categories at all. They all just load in as "uncategorized". Please tell me this is a bug that will be fixed soon!!

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  • jacobs
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    This has been broken for some time. You can read many complaints about this subject on this forum. (I compiled a list of some of the recent ones in the hope the product manager will see them and grasp how significant a problem this is -- and I'll add yours.) The product manager has said they're working on a revamp of saved transactions, but we don't know when that update will become available (or whether they can implement some partial fix in the more near future.)
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    The behavior about which you are complaining is exactly the way that I (and many others) want Quicken to act as Default. Just like Jacobs' compiled list of complaints there is a large set of complaints coming from the opposite side of the issue.
    Side note: I find it interesting that the behavior you are getting is exactly what I want and what I see is what you want. How do 2 different people get different behavior from the same software doing ostensibly the same(?) thing?
  • jacobs
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    Kevin, see my reply to you in the other thread. It's like due to who is using Quicken's default categories and who is using their own custom categories.
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    I too hate that the downloaded doesn't memorize any of the categories correctly for my payees anymore! Even the ones that used to memorize correctly now don't but meanwhile some do memorize a category and attach it automatically but its the wrong category.

    For example a repeated Payee (which is a restaurant) always assigns "hotel" as the Category. So I have to go thru and change the numerous entries for this to Dining. Is there no way to clear the memorized aspect, so you dont have this repeatedly entering wrong category?
  • I have the same problem. I don't understand how this worked in the past, buy now in the current version. Arn't things supposed to get better and not worse?
  • spell check: should read "but not in the current version". Once posted could not find way to edit, sorry.
  • jacobs
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    @scheinin If you read the rest of this thread above, you'll see that it's a bug. Yes, things should get better, but sometimes bugs happen.

    In this case, the developers either haven't grasped how widespread a problem this is, or they do understand and are working on their new approach to memorizing transactions (which the product manager has stated is under way). Depending where they are in the development process, they may have decided it's not worth spending time trying to troubleshoot and fix the existing code that they are about to replace with new code.
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  • I am having the same problem with my Quicken Subscription I downloaded last night for the 2019 version. :-(
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