Paycheck split deposit wrong in "In/Out/What's Left" pagelet

I have a twice/month paycheck set up with a primary deposit account. For example's sake, let's say my total net paycheck is $1000. I added a second deposit account to send $250 per paycheck into another checking account. In the "Track Paycheck" panel, it netted down the Primary Deposit Account by $250 correctly, so that it shows $750 going to the Primary account, and $250 going to the additional account. All good there.

Now for the problem... on my Home view, I added applet "In/Out/What's Left". With the applet option set to "Account Balances", the Inflow box shows my total Inflow for the month. Problem: It's showing a total Inflow amount of $2500 for the month. In the Expected Income detail popup, the total gross paycheck amount twice, as well as the secondary deposit account twice, thus over-reporting my income by $500 (2 x $250). For example, Sep 15 lists $1000 deposit and $250 deposit, Sep 30 lists $1000 and $250. It _should_ list $750 and $250, or even just the paycheck gross of $1000 once, for each pay date, for a total expected income of $2000 for the month.

I attempted to phone premier support to report this, but it was taking a long time to try and explain to the rep what the problem was, as he wasn't familiar with this aspect of the application. Then, while I was in the middle of explaining, the call dropped. So, as it didn't seem like the premier phone support was special at all in my single experience trying it out, I thought I'd post the bug report here and see if it could escalate to Quicken Support for prioritization. I am running the most current Quicken Premier for Windows 2019, Version R21.17, Build

Also, am I missing something? The only way it seemed I could report a bug to Quicken was over the phone. Otherwise the Support links direct me to the community. I just want to report a bug, and I'd like to do it through an online form, but I can't seem to find a way to do that.

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