Importing Quicken 2007 for Mac file skips all non-numeric check ids

I thought I'd give Quicken 2019+ a spin because Quicken 2007 is 32-bit and hence will be made obsolete with macOS 10.15.

In my Quicken 2007 file, I used check numbers like e1010 when I used the epay service from my credit union, and matched the numbers to the transaction numbers they gave. Upon importing to Quicken 2019 (aka 'Subscription') for the Mac, I found only the numeric physical check numbers. All the nice e1010 numbers vanished.

I noticed that I can, however, still enter numbers such as e1010 as a new check number.

Is there some way I can get Quicken 2019 to correctly import the non-numeric check 'numbers' properly, since they appear to still be accepted by the database (meaning: there is no limitation that check numbers be numeric)?

I realize I can do something tedious like try to replace 'e' with '9999', but I cannot do this quickly, because EFT and DEP both contain 'E', and the search-replace is not case sensitive.

Any hints would be appreciated, as would a fix to the importing mechanism.

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  • louabill
    louabill Member ✭✭
    Ah, yes, indeed. The e1010-style check numbers are in the action field.
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