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How do I stop quicken from trying to force a release 2019 R21.17 . i am using 2019 R20.15 and had too much trouble with 21.17. Every time I open Quicken it tries to force the update


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    Hi @""bill L" ,

    Unfortunately you can't. It was recommended by one of the testers, in order to keep everyone on the same version. However, they are making changes behind the scenes for downloading transactions, and if you are not on the latest version, your Quicken Version will stop downloading.
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    Thanks , I was afraid of that. I thought my purchase meant I own the program to do what I need. Not what they want. Thanks again
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    If you want to be in control of when Quicken updates the software, set the Windows UAC setting higher to make sure you have to approve any changes to programs.
    BTW, you purchased a license to use the software, you do not have enough $ to purchase the software outright, it took a venture capital group to do so from Intuit.
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    Ok. Thanks guys
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