Sync issues and NOT able to access Mobile App

I keep getting this message when I sync (under Mobile/Web): The desktop transaction in XX Account on XX/XX/2019 for $0.00 was not synced. The reference resource (parameter=accountid, id=119152531323438592 does not exist. There is a very long list of items with this message that have no repair suggestion and are not syncing.

Also, I can NO longer sign in and view on the mobile app. it tells me to set up mobile and web access, which already are set up. This did not happen until I recently applied the latest version updates. This is not helping me at all! I have read the previous messages and followed the dataset steps with NO Success. Suggestions before I look for a different software?

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  • Alan Langley
    I am not able to see one of my accounts online. I assume it is due to an error I am getting when I try to Cloud sync.

    The desktop transaction in "" on "" for $0.00 was not synced. The reference resource (parameter=accountid, id=163656829554130176) does not exist.

    What does this mean? I can not find any transactions for $0.00 in any account. Help!
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