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When I print reports the width of the columns is narrowed so that what is on the line has to double-space, even though there is a lot of room to the right of the amounts/numbers column. The page looks fine while in Quicken itself, with single spaced lines, but when printed the width of the whole page is narrower. So the length of the report is extended unnecessarily. Also, I would like to darken the printing, but there is no option for that in the print dialog box. It would be nice to have options for changing the column widths when printing, and darkening the print.


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    Hi @""Bill W." ,

    Why not simply Export the Report to a File to Import into Excel?

    They you can adjust to your Heart's content the way you want to print out the report.

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    @Bill W. I believe you are using Quicken Mac, right? It sounds to me like you are using the "old reports" -- the ones at the bottom of the Reports menu. These reports were inherited from Quicken Essentials, the predecessor to the current Quicken Mac, and they had very little user customization available.

    Over the past two years, the developers have been working to build out an all-new reports engine: the three "Create" options on the Reports menu. They offer a lot more control over how the reports look on=screen and when printed. You can hide any columns you don't need (allowing the others to be wider), re-arrange the order of the columns, and tweak the columns widths. You can't change the font, but you can generally get a report to look the way you'd like. (Don't overlook the easily missed "Scale to fit 'x' pages wide" checkbox option, which is on the Print screen -- a true lifesaver compared to the old reports.) I strongly urge you to re-create any of the reports you use using the new report engine. (The old ones will eventually go away to reduce the confusing state that exists now.)
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