How to eliminate a Quicken originated sub-subcategory

I have an income category "Portfolio Income" with subcategories "Dividends" and "Interest."I assigned a number of transactions to "Dividends" but Quicken created a sub-subcategory under "Dividends" called "Other Portfolio Income:Dividends" and put the transactions here. I assigned other transactions to "Interest" and Quicken allowed this without creating another sub-subcategory for them. I don't want the Quicken created sub-subcategories in my report. How do I get the transactions from "Other Portfolio Income:Dividends" and put them into "Dividends?" How do I avoid having Quicken create unwanted sub-subcategories in the future?

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  • Thanks for responding but I don't understand your response.
    Portfolio Income has 2 subcats -- Dividends and Interest. Dividends had no sub-subcats. I assigned the transactions specifically to the Dividends subcat but Q created a sub-subcat under Dividends and put the transactions there. Why and how do I move them?
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    Do CTRL-C (or, it's TOOLS, Category List long form).
    What's in the USAGE category for your "Portfolio  Income" category, and each of it's sub-cats?
    And, as an aside, why do you use this setup at all ... instead of using Q's build-in categories  for portfolio income, and other portfolio transactions?
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