Where is my income info

Income is posted but when I pull up the month budget it isn't reflected??


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    By "Income" I assume you are talking about your paycheck.
    Have you recorded a proper paycheck transaction with all the Category Splits for Gross Income, Deductions and Retirement Contributions?
    Or have you simply downloaded the deposit transaction from the bank and accepted it? In that case, it may not be categorized at all because category detail is not available in a downloaded transaction.
    Give us some more details, please. Screen image snapshots showing the register transaction with split detail and the budget view in question would be helpful.
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    Thank you for your response. By income I do mean pay check and Social Security. I am very technically challenged and am not sure how i would do a screenshot. When the budget prints as a graph it shows all my transactions to current date but under budgeted income there are no transactions. Does that clarify anything? Again, thanks
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    What Category did you assign to the GROSS amount for your paycheck and your SSI?
    What tax lines did you associate with those Categories?
    AND, actually, the same question applies to any deduction from those Gross amounts.

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