Two versions of Quicken for Mac on HD; can’t find my security key???

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It looks like I somehow installed version 5.12.14 (as update), and also have version 4.8.5 (Quicken for Mac 2017> also in my applications. (edited) I’m guessing one is a cloud-based subscription product. I am getting pop-ups saying I risk losing to corrupting my date by having both.(edited)  1) how do I address this issue? and 2) how do I retrieve my “security key”? Thanks very much

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  • CNL
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    Thanks. It has not happened again. Will keep you posted. Thanks for your help.

    On another subject: Is there a way in Q4M to search for duplicate entries? I keep finding certain imported (from my bank) transactions showing up in my Q register that are duplicates.
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    @CNL There is no explicit "search for duplicate entries" function in Quicken. But you could do something simple like setting your register to Last 30 Days and then clicking the Amount column heading to sort your transactions during that time by Amount -- which could make it easier to skim to register and pick out duplicates. Then click on the Date heading to restore the normal sort order.
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