QW2017 - Repeated Dialog When Adding Linked Checking to Investment Account

I had the same problem as the OP in this closed thread: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7623631/qwin-2018-help-me-understand-dialog-when-converting-to-linked-checking-account .

He said "When converting to linked checking accounts, I periodically see the dialog below.
This transaction was created as a transfer to an investment transaction. If you edit the category, the corresponding transaction will be deleted. Do you want to change it anyway?"

I tried answering No and got a bad-looking result. So I restored the QDF file and tried answering Yes (the default). That looks like it did the right thing.

Because the file had 6 years of history, it was a long process. I tried holding down Enter to accept the default Yes, but that tripped the Cancel button. Multiple clicks on Yes worked better, being careful not to click where it would overlap Cancel. That moved the conversion along fairly quickly.
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