Credit Report for Spouse

I've been able to get my credit score using Quicken, and now want to get a score for my wife. The forum experts recommend opening a new file and assigning that file to my wife's credentials, however, I'm unable to figure out how to do so without buying another Quicken license. I called customer support and the person I was working with said that credit score are available only for one person. Doesn't seem fair or right, has anyone figured out how to get credit score for both husband and wife with one Quicken subscription?


  • NotACPA
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    Go to Credit Karma.   Using that is easier than what you'd need to do with Q.

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  • udechwordiEr
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    thanks for the advice on Credit Karma... in doing more reading, with a subscription model, I don't think Quicken will ever deviate from one subscription only supporting one user
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