Including transfer accounts in transaction reporting

I am not trying to reignite the debate of old Quicken for new Quicken, but there is one thing I have been unable to do since finally upgrading recently. Using the new report functionality, I have been trying to produce a category report that also shows charges to transfer accounts. For instance, a mortgage payment has both interest and principal components; I would like to show both. Then I would have a full accounting of the use of our funds.

I have noted that clicking the transfer checkbox shows transfers - but it shows both sides. So I don't get the true effect on the use of our money.

What am I missing here?

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  • dkaplin
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    Thank you Jacobs!!! I was trying to avoid the words "Cash Flow Report" since, although it is a standard business view of information, I was afraid it would erupt in an "Old Quicken vs New Quicken" thread. I actually like the current version and I'm glad they are working on it. Thanks a bunch!
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