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I just upgraded from Quicken 2007 to the latest for Mac. What happened to the column that had the type of transaction (Deposit, Withdrawl, , etc.)? Now there is only a check # column.

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  • Leslie Jones
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    Is it the "Action" column? If so why didn't the previous Actions import along with all the data?
  • jacobs
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    When Quicken 2007 data imports into Quicken 2019, the data from the "Number" column in Quicken 2007 is split up: anything that is purely a number is assumed to be a check number and is placed in the Quicken 2019 "Check #" column; everything else that had been entered in the Quicken 2007 "Number" column is placed into the Action column. Those "Actions" have no active use in Quicken; they're just there if you find them useful in some way. For instance, in Quicken 2007, I used to label my electronic payments as "EFT" -- probably from back when paying a bill online was a new thing! -- and that "EFT" text is now in the Action column. That said, in Quicken 2019, I have the Action column hidden and no longer record "EFT" because it really wasn't useful to me.

    If you're used to using the actions on the dropdown menu in the Number column in Quicken 2007, I'd encourage you to re-think whether those labels actually help you. They have absolutely no significance to the way Quicken works, so the only reason for them is if they help you organize your finances. If you do as @RickO suggests above, enabling the Payment and Deposit columns and hiding the Amount column, it makes it incredibly easy to see which transactions are deposits and which are payments -- so why do any extra work to enter an Action of "Deposit" or "Withdrawal"?
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  • Leslie Jones
    Leslie Jones Member ✭✭✭
    Thanks very much. I will try that. It really is all about what one is =
    used to. Needless to say I have been using Q2007 for over 10 years. So =
    many things I am used to like the one type column, the separate upcoming =
    Transaction window, etc.

    I appreciate you answering. And when I replied to your email directly it bounced.
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