QMac2019 Date Quickfill for Investment Accounts is broken

I've returned to Quicken after several inadequate years using iBank. Now I have several years of investment data I have to import by hand (because the CSV import doesn't do investment transactions and QIF isn't getting widespread support by investment websites any longer.

BUG: When I enter transaction after transaction into my investing account, each new transaction has a Quickfill'd date that is not the previous date I typed in. The Quickfill'd date appears to be somewhat random. I am entering past transactions; e.g. this year's transactions have downloaded and I need to enter last year's transactions.

BTW, the investment window has a nice look to it with the graph combined with the portfolio positions. The end date option is REALLY HANDY for double-checking balances with past statements. Well done, team!

Questions to the team: Will you be improving data import for investment data? We need the investment reports back. I was trying to generate an income report for bonds and there seems to be no way right now. Lastly, please fix the Quickfill bug - add it to your DRAT database (do you still call the bugs that? :-)

Sandy (Q2001 alumni)


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Sandy, I'm not sure what you're referring to as "Quickfill'd dates". If you're entering investment transactions manually, after you start a new transaction, the first thing you enter is the date. So I don't know what bug you're talking about.

    Also, for your information, you're not talking to the Quicken development team here, even though you're addressing them in your note. This site is mostly a user-to-user site., where we tryout help each other out. If you want to contact Quicken Support, it's not here; visit https://quicken.com/contact-support

    The Tax Schedule report likely contains the data you're looking for for bond income. You can customize it to specific accounts and categories. 
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  • Stephen Fisher
    Stephen Fisher Member ✭✭✭
    well I know. I have to enter my brokerage data manually each month and I own many securities. In my old DOS versions the dates entered automatically were much more intuitive. SO let's say I have to enter 10 dividends on Sept 15 (the day most REITS pay out) there is no certainty that the quick fill will use Sept 15 for each entry.
    Also for reconciling the default date in quick fill should be the last day of the previous month. Not "today". Again my old versions had a better sense of how data entry works in real life.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Stephen Fisher If I enter an investment transaction with a date of 8/15/19, press Save, and immediately press Command-N or the New icon on the bottom toolbar, the new transaction defaults to the same 8/15/19 date. Are you not seeing that? Are you doing anything between Save of the first transaction and New Transaction? 
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  • sdmcentee
    sdmcentee Member ✭✭
    Exactly, Stephen Fisher. And don't get me started on the new reconcile. I understand it's a complicated process, but trying to simplify it also makes it difficult to correct errors. I hate adding a balance adjustment... it just seems wrong, but I had to in order to reconcile my newly imported iBank account (that had been reconciled correctly for years) because the reconcile data was lost or tweaked, with no way to view or correct it.

    jacobs - That is what you would expect to happen but that's not happening for me. The date on the new transaction is different than the date of the last entered transaction. I am not doing anything between saving the first transaction and creating the new transaction. Even if I enter a new transaction with a newer date in the register (so that I am not creating transactions in the middle of the register), the date will default to today's date, even if I entered a date prior to today for the saved transaction.

    I know the development team doesn't typically read these forums, but occasionally they do.

    I haven't tried the tax schedule report yet. I'll look at that. I was missing the investment and transaction reports from the older versions of Quicken.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @sdmcentee @Stephen Fisher I'd suggest using the Help > Report a Problem screen in Quicken to report this issue, noting that it seems somewhat random when it retains the expected date and when it doesn't. You can also copy and paste the URL of this thread for them to see a more detailed explanation. 
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