Vanguard Mutual Fund account conversion to Brokerage account

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On the Vanguard website, I recently converted one of my 2 Vanguard Mutual Fund accounts to a Brokerage account. Opening Quicken today, I found all MF shares "Removed." I created within Quicken a new "Brokerage" account. Updating Quicken, my brokerage account has "Added" the correct number of shares.

Is there a way to merge the transaction history of the MF account with the new brokerage account?

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    It sounds like you either manually or automatically accepted the Removed and Added transactions downloaded by Vanguard. This will cause Quicken's cost basis information to be lost for the holdings in the new account.

    There are a couple of ways to handle this, but one clean way to do it would be: 
    -- back up your data in case something goes wrong.
    -- Delete the Removed and Added transactions that were downloaded from Vanguard
    -- Go to the old account, click on Enter Transactions, and use Shares Transferred between Accounts actions to move the holdings from the old account to the new one.

    This mirrors what happened in real life and will put one Removed transaction in the old account for each fund and an Added transaction in the new account for each tax lot of each fund. Be patient, this may take some time.

    The original Bought and Sold transactions that got you to your final positions in the old account will remain there where you can review them. If you want to analyze the performance of your funds over a period that spans the transition, be sure to include both the old and new accounts in the analysis.

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    Another probable option:

    Also, start with a backup.
    Delete the new account.
    Delete the Remove Shares generated in the old MF account.
    Disable to online connection between the old account and Vanguard.
    Enable an online connection between the old account and Vanguard, connecting that old account to the new Vanguard brokerage account.
    If Vanguard downloads "Add Shares" transactions, delete those Add Shares transactions.

    Your "old MF" account should now have the same holdings as the new Vanguard brokerage account.
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    @q_lurker, that's exactly what I did and it worked fine. 
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    I've done similar things - to help retain all the transactions and orig cost basis in one place.  Also fudged things when doing the Investor conversion to Admiral migration - prior to recent Vanguard changes.

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