what's left and project balances used to be in sync, but now they are different

I cannot figure out why my What's Left widget is not correct, it's been months now and when I click the Projected balances button it shows the numbers correctly and accurately. But the What's Left is always showing a number that is rather more Optimistic than accurate. what can I do to fix it to where they are the same again? I'm using Quicken premier 2019 R21.17 build

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  • Travis Enders
    I have the same problem in the "Stay On Top of Monthly Bills" section on the Home page. When I look at the In/Out/What's Left item, it's different than the What's Left in the Stay On top of Monthly Bills section. This used to be relatively accurate and over the last couple months with various updates I've noticed it not working more and more. I think this is a defect of the software.
  • hgslim
    hgslim Member ✭✭
    I recently refinanced my mortgage so I set up a new mortgage account in Quicken.
    I have a monthly payment set up for $1,160.
    This is spread across 4 lines on a split transaction from my checking account as follows:
    [Mortgage Acct] 181.25
    Home:Mortgage:interest 454.34
    [Mortgage acct]65.24 (this is extra principal)
    [Escrow Account] 459.17

    The problem I'm facing is that on my Projected Balances Home dashboard for my checking account only reflects a transaction amount of $459.17 every time the mortgage payment comes due. This of course is greatly affecting my ability to see into the future and over-estimating what will be in my checking account.

    What is causing this and how can it be fixed?
  • hgslim
    hgslim Member ✭✭
    Additionally, I've updated just the escrow line to be the total amount, 1160, and it still shows 459.17 in projected balances
  • tairten
    tairten Member ✭✭
    ok so it took me a while but I figured out that in the left column where all the accounts are categorized into spending, savings etc... that is the determining factor in the "What's left" I had two accounts listed in the "checking/spending" category but in the "projected balances" only one was listed. so I took the other checking account off the "spending" and put it into "savings" and now the "projected balances" and "what's left" match. thank you Sherlock for help, it was your suggestion that helped me work it out.
  • Mark Nelson
    Mark Nelson Member ✭✭
    Current balance is 626, add 1,819 and deduct 105 on Oct 01 and balance shows 30. Off by 2,340. Was fine until I loaded the latest update. Any ideas on a fix?
  • GeoffreyRadbill
    GeoffreyRadbill Member ✭✭
    The referenced problem is recent and real. Under "What's Left" and the Tab for "Bills and Income", where one sets up future bills, any transaction for the future with split lines now includes non-entered erroneous duplicative data from the past. I was able to go in and correct all the future transactions and hope it holds. Seems to have occurred after a recent Quicken update. P.S. I've completed the file validation and error correction, where this action confirmed that there were no corrupt files.
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