Can I stop the popup "is this the payment for this scheduled bill or deposit?"

I have been forced to reset all my quicken accounts, which has been a long, frustrating process. Now, when resetting all my reminders, they will no longer automatically enter into the register, and when I manually enter them I get this popup multiple (more than 10) times for each one.

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  • Why, when entering a scheduled transaction manually with 'Manager Bill and Income Reminders', do I get an alert asking me "is this the payment for...." and can I switch it off?
  • Sherlock
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  • S
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    Already tried that, unfortunately it didn't work.
  • :) Thank you so much, I would not have thought to look there.
  • David Christopher
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    I assume you want your reminders to be entered into the register ahead of them being due for payment. To do that, you need to open the register and click on the first icon on left top of screen that says 'Reminders to show in Register' when you hover over it. Open it up and make your choice.
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