Restore from backup loses all price history

Using Windows 10 QW Premier R27.1.21.17.

Restoring a from a backup loses all price history. I can get back the history for public securities either by updating quotes, or Validate delete and rebuild. (Regular validate or supervalidate does nothing).

My problem is that I have a number of non-public securities and that I manually enter price history for. If I restore from backup I will lose that price history.

I have a very large file (170MB) going back about 25 years.

Any ideas? Is this just a bug to report?


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    How did you determine that?  Because the backup should have contained all price history as of the last download (or manual input) that pre-dated the backup.
    IF you did indeed lose all price history, that would suggest a severely corrupted Q data file ... which is a completely separate issue from the "restore from backup".
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    >How did you determine that?

    I restored from backup on a separate machine (which is how I usually transfer between desktop and laptop) and my net worth was very low. I think followed the steps I outlined to get the public securities back, discovering that the non-public ("do not get updated prices") securities were also lost.

    I still have the pre-backup file that has all of the good price data. Obviously it is a big deal if backups aren't working (for me anyway).

    I have in the last month or so validated and supervalidated. The file seems to be fine in all other respects. I use it a lot.
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    Ok, while back/restore loses my price history. Validate/supervalidate doesn't help. However, copying the data file does NOT lose price history and then doing a backup /restore from the copied file also does NOT lose price history.
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