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Hi, I recently sold stock & recorded each of the different stocks. I then transferred the cash to my checking account but my investment balance is too high & not showing the transfer out thus overstating my account balance. I did this the same way as I have done in the past. Any ideas what may causing this problem?



  • Hello p.gerardi,

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    What version/release of Quicken are you using? You can find that by going to Quicken>About Quicken.

    Also, please reference for details on adding more information to your post so that other users are best able to assist you.

    Would you mind describing in more detail an outline of the actions taken in Quicken to initiate the transfer of funds from the investment account to the checking account? That will give us a better idea of what may be occurring.

    I also suggest checking the Transactions view of the investment account to determine if the transfer of funds shows there as well. Both accounts would need to have an entry so that both balances update accordingly. 

    Let us know!

    -Quicken Natalie

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