Dividends and Stock Sales within a 401(K)

While I know for tax purposes this is all within my 401(K) and not reported as income to the IRS, how do I categorize Capital Gains and Dividends within my 401(K) so that Quicken 2017 Windows Home&Business does not include them in the Planning Tab when it estimates what my taxes might be? Do I need to create a new category and make it exempt from "Tax Purposes"? I hate to do that, it's a lot of entries to change!


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    You set the Attributes of the 401k Account to be "Tax Deferred".

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  • Headplant. Thanks. I didn't think to go there because the account I carved it out of (but still in the 401(K)) was tax-deferred. I should have looked there when activity in that account was reported taxable!