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why do I get this message when I try to export/download my account data to Quicken 2019?

I would like to be able to export/download my account transactions from my banks' website to my brand new Quicken 2019 on my Mac. When I try to do this I get this message. I have spoken to my bank and they assure me that they support Quicken software. Wondering if you could provide me with some direction on how to solve this problem. Thanks!

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  • Hi Jacobs,
    Thanks for your quick reply!! It's Coast Capital Savings. I don't understand the rest of your reply! I've always just been able to double click the downloaded file and it would update my quicken accounts but my bank did recently update their online service, they indicate that they do support Quicken but have not been able to give me any other reasons why I get this message. So how do I check the connection method?
  • Hi Jacob,
    I tried to re-"set up transaction download" for my account and it looks like the quicken isn't updated to accept the banks new username and password upgrades so I've sent screen shots to the bank in the hopes that they can notify Quicken with their new sign in requirements.... I don't know. thank you for trying to help me. I think this is a bank issue. :( let me know if you have any other insights or if you disagree and have other ideas. Thanks!!!
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