How do I Change the Category for investments downloaded direct from Institution?

I'm using Mac/2019 version & TD-Ameritrade account. Most all transactions are listed correctly in the "Transactions" tab as "Dividend Income" which are taxable; however, there is one asset showing as "Dividend Income Non-Taxable". This is incorrect, but I can't figure out how to change it to the "Dividend Income" class as all the others. I tried "Edit" and retyped "Dividend Income," in the window between the date and the asset name, but that's what's already listed there (not "Dividend Income Non-Taxable").
Any recommendations?

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  • Thanks for your response Jacobs! At 63, I'm trying to convert from Windows based systems to Macs. I've been a DOS/Windows user since 1978-79, so I apologize for the learning curve.
    I'm using QKN 2019, as indicated in the originally post above, version 5.12.5; not QKN 2017.
    Let me start by saying you nailed it correctly at first pass, I simply needed to go into the Investment Accounts list and uncheck the Tax-Free box - Thanks very much.
    Regarding the questions you had, they're somewhat superfluous now since you've solved the dilemma, I was simply in the transactions view in an account.
    On the left side pane if I click on the institute or account name the account "Portfolio" displays on the right, click on "Transactions" and a list of transactions displays, see first screen shot attached below. When I click on the individual transaction the detailed information displays, second screen shot.
    Regarding the Non-Taxable verses the Tax-Free, I may have made that change designation 10-15 years ago, as I converted my Windows version to Mac version last week. I'd rather have the Tax-Free designation and will change this back.
    Thanks again for your help!!!
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