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Why does "Save a copy" reduce file size ? What is removed ? (Q Mac 2007)

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Quicken for Mac 2007 v16.2.4 – macOS 10.13.6 with an APFS SSD – inside HFS+ image file – manual backups.

I've had a pile of pain with the "Unable to load file" error message. I tested backup copies of my data files going back till I found a file I could open. After much Googling I found this advice: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7598662/quicken-mac-faq-...shooting-data-file-problems-corruption-mac-in-qm2007-and-earlier. Basically it recommends reindexing the data file then doing a "Save a Copy".

I followed the instructions precisely on the good backup file I found and it seemed to work. The resulting data file opens and I can add transactions and run reports etc.

My question is what does "Save a Copy" do ? The resulting file size was reduced from 18.1MB to 15.5MB.

What data was removed ?

Was it invalid data ?

Could some invalid data remain in the file ?

I'm also wondering whether to repeat that process - would that remove more invalid data ? I'm hesitating because in earlier testing I found that reindexing could corrupt some files.


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    Many thanks. That all makes sense.

    My Quicken data file is inside an HFS+ formatted disk image. So, Save a Copy works.
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