Mac version vs PC version

I purchased the Mac version of a Quicken subscription. I installed on my mac, and the mobile app on my ios devices. I can also use the Quicken on the Web version on my PC at work.

My question is, can I download the full PC version and access it with the single subscription on both PC and Mac or is the full version limited to the subscription platform I purchase

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  • lsrpm1964
    lsrpm1964 Member
    Thanks for the information. That is what I suspected. I will do the majority from home and use the web version at work to take a quick peek

    I do have another question. If in the web version I marked all the individual transactions as reconcilled, when I go to import a quicken file from my bank does it ignore the reconcilled duplicate entries or do I have to specify a date range outside of the entries I have already reconcilled in quicken to import?
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