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Add a recently cleared filter to run a reconciliation report- (edited to include request)

gamartinsen Member ✭✭
edited October 2019 in Reports (Mac)
This is in reference to case number: 7073115.

I am STILL using WIndows Deluxe 2013 Quicken. I desperately want t convert to the MAC version but I cannot create a custom report on any version of MAC QUICKEN like I do on WIN. Monthly, right after i do a reconcile on my VISA account and BEFORE I click on DONE I have a whole bunch of transactions with the status of 'c' or newly cleared. They are not 'Blank' nor are they an 'R' for reconciled. I create this report so I can then sort on category. I am responsible for multiple houses and people. When I create this NEWLY CLEARED report I can then see where I the money is going (Houses and/or accounts (Medical, Pets, etc.)) . I can then transfer moneys into one account so I can then make one payment to Visa. MAKE SENSE.... I hope so. When I am all done I click on DONE in the reconciliation screen and the 'c's become 'R's.

I know WIN 2019 version has the 'c' (newly cleared) option as a filter. Can't it easily be added to the MAC version? I have been asking for YEARS for this report. I have Parallels so I can run ONE PROGRAM. WIN QUICKEN 2013. I want to get rid of both and run the MAC QUICKEN.


I was on the phone for 2+ hours as they tried many work arounds but couldn't do it. Support was GREAT. So helpful and worked with me. Just couldn't get a MAC workaround.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @gamartinsen  FYI, the case number you provided is meaningless to us fellow Quicken users here, who don't have access to Quicken Support's tracking system.

    If I'm understanding correctly, if you want to create a report of transactions that are Cleared but not Reconciled, right? It's a little trickier than what you're doing in Windows, but it can be done. The shortcoming in the Mac program is that there is a Status filter at the top of your transacton register where you can select Uncleared transactions, but not Cleared transactions. but you can get there!

    Go ahead and mark your transactions cleared -- which on the Mac is a blue check mark in the Clr column -- however you currently do. 

    Now here's the first trick: you can't sort columns in the Reconcile window, but you can sort columns in your main window. So leave the Reconcile window open but drag it to the side a little and click back on your main window. Set a date filter anytime prior to the start of the month you're reconciling (e.g. if your credit card statement is for 9/15 - 10/15, you could set a date filter for Last 60 Days or 9/1 through today). Now click on the CLR column heading, which will sort all those selections in the date range by the status: empty, blue (cleared) and green (reconciled). Now you can view all your cleared-but-not-reconciled blue checkmark transactions because they are grouped together.

    Now here's the second trick, if you're looking ot generate a report of just the cleared transactions. Select all the cleared transactions by clicking on the first transaction with a blue check mark, scrolling down to the last transaction with the blue check mark and Shift-clicking it to select all those transactions. Press Command-P (or File > Print) and in the pop-up dialog box, set the "Include" drop-down menu to "Selected Transactions Only" and then press OK. This will result in Quicken generating a report of just your cleared transactions, which you can print to a printer or a PDF file.

    And yes this could be made a little easier if there was just a filter for Cleared -- but at least there's a way to get what you asked for.

    (If that doesn't address what you're looking to do, please post back and maybe someone else will have an idea.)
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  • gamartinsen
    gamartinsen Member ✭✭
    jacobs... Some of the problems that I have seen when I try to limit the dates is sometimes near the end of billing period not all transactions get cleared. I know one company that I frequent only submits their charges once a week. My billing starts on the 10th of the month. A lot of them prior to that have been cleared and a lot have not. EXAMPLE: If this month I put down 9/10 - 10/9 as dates I want to look at I would have cleared and uncleared in there. And when I am expecting refunds from companies that takes a lot longer to register than charges. They want their money NOW but when they have to return money to me then they are in no hurry.

    Because WINDOWS can sort on 'newly cleared' I set the dates to go back 12 months to make sure I get everything,

    When I do get all the 'newly cleared' in WINDOWS I can then sort them by category . That helps me to tell where to transfer the money FROM that will go to pay their portion of the VISA bill.
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