Does Quicken automatically save data entry for subscribers?

My laptop recently crashed. I will replace it with a new Windows laptop. How do get the Quicken icon on my new laptop?

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  • cmartz1
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    Thank you, again for your response. It is much appreciated.
    My local laptop repair guy notified me that the data on my old hard-drive is intact. It was the motherboard that crashed.
    It looks like I'll be able to retrieve all saved Quicken data.
    It's great to know that the Quicken Community is available for fast responses to
    questions. I'll really on you in the future
  • splasher
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    Let this be a learning event, backups are your friend, make lots of them.  Buy two or three thumbdrives and rotate between them making backups, that way you will have multiple backups on different devices to fall back on if needed.

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