Quicken cannot open the data file because it is read only.....

Quicken 2019 for windows, R22.12, Build All PC's involved run Windows 10

Full text of the message is
"Quicken cannot open the data file because it is read-only or you do not have permission to open it. Do you want to copy it to a different location and open it from there?"

My wife and I share a data file on a common network drive for years now and through many upgrades to quicken along the way and a few weeks ago I got this message when I attempted to open quicken. I then tried to open the file from my wife's pc and both account that we have on a shared laptop all with the same issue. I did double check that sharing was still enabled on this network drive. Yes I know Quicken recommends only installing it on a local drive but we have had this successfully running this way for 9+ years

I copied the file onto my hard drive and I can access it but she now gets this message when she attempts to open it (my PC drive is also shared with her).

The file is not read-only and we are both administrators on all 3 PCs with sharing of other files that appear to work on both the network drive and the shared PC drives so it looks like it is just the quicken file. Did something change recently to cause this in one of the updates?

Thank you

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    added note
    We are not attempting to open the data file at the same time by multiple users, this strictly one user at a time and then closing the file so it can be opened by another.
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